Jennifer Magnano


Four years ago, something had to change. I was stressed out, tired, and pretty isolated!

I made one tiny leap: I decided to get authentic (real about my disease, special parenting, and LIFE), fit, and well. Nothing has ever been the same!

Are you ready to have a fit mind, a fit body, a fit spirit, and for some, a fit-experience of LIFE - especially if you're on a wild path like mine?

Join our self care movement.

Today, I get to teach women self care and support those doing really real life. My favorite coaching clients have wild (mothering) paths and lives, and know (or at least have an inkling!) that they are made for more.

Please share your story below. Whether you are looking to be coached - or to coach - we're better together. And we are made for so much more!

I can't wait to get to know you.

Jennifer & all of Team Magnano

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